Eat Sleep And Chai Thanda
Happiness is a
Cup Of TEA!
Chai is not a drink,
It's an Emotion.
Eat Sleep And Chai Thanda
Tasty Pizza
Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional
support for an organism.
Eat Sleep And Chai Thanda
Best Pizza
in town!
Pizza is any substance consumed to provide nutritional
support for an organism.


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Chai Thanda,
Best cafe in Town!

Chai Thanda is an Indian café chain that focuses on tea and milk based beverages. Chai Thanda was founded in 2021

  • Delicious & Refreshing Drinks
  • Speciality Snacks
  • Music & Other Facilities
  • Fastest Food Home Delivery
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Popular Dishes

Experience our Large Range

Enjoy our Flavoured Tea, Coffee, Snacks And treat yourself with best Aroma and Taste.

  • Tea

Flavoured Tea

Tapri Wali Chai

Ginger Chai

Masala Chai

Rose Chai

Paan Chai

Rabdi Chai

Kesar Elaichi Chai

Chocolate Chai

Spl. Lemon Masala Chai

  • Tea

Green Tea

Lemon Green Tea

Tulsi Green Tea

  • Tea

Ice Cool Tea

Lemon Ice Tea

Peach Ice Tea

  • Coffee

Coffee Wish

Filter Coffee

Wild Vanilla Coffee

Paan Coffee

Rose Coffee

Mocha Coffee

Chocolate Coffee

  • Coffee

Cold Coffee Love

Plain Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee With Ice Cream

Chocolate Cold Coffee With Ice Cream

  • Ice Cream

Ice Cream Sundae

Nutty Crunchy Sundae

Chocolate Sundae

Brownie Sundae

Honeymoon Delight

  • Ice Cream

Ice Cream Lassi

Plain Lassi With Ice Cream

Strawberry Lassi With Ice Cream

Orange Lassi With Ice Cream

Blackcurrent Lassi With Ice Cream

Kiwi Lassi With Ice Cream

  • MilkShake

MilkShake Delight

Vanilla Freakshake

Strawberry Freakshake

chocolate Freakshake

Caramel Freakshake

Kiwi Freakshake

Blackcurrent Shake

Bournvita Shake

Oreo Freakshake

Brownie Fudge Shake

Chai Thanda Special Shake

  • Drink


Green Mojito

Rose Mojito

Masala Lemonade

Kala KhattaMasala

Orange Pop

Blackcurrent Pop

  • Pizza

Pizza Party

Margherita Pizza

Veggi Delight Pizza

Sweet-Corn Pizza

Paneer Delight Pizza

Chai Thanda Spl. Pizza

  • Sandwich

Sandwich Grill

Veg. Sandwich

Veg. Cheese Sandwich

Chocolate Sandwich

American Corn Sandwich

Paneer Sandwich

Paneer Cheese Sandwich

  • Snaks

Halka Fulka

Bread Butter Jam

French Fries

Veg. Club Sandwich

Masala Maggi

Maska Bun

Garlic Bread

Mera Poha

Crispy Corn Chat

Paneer Maggie

  • Specials

Chai Thanda Special

Hot Gulab Jamun

Hot Gulab Jamun With Ice Cream

Hot Brownie With Ice Cream

Gajar Ka Halwa*

Hot Badam Milk

Hot Milk & Horlicks

Hot Milk & Bornvita

  • Combo

Chai Thanda combo

Muska Bun Combo
 2 Maska Bun + 2 Chai (T/G/LM)

Maggie Combo
 2 Masala Maggie + 2 Chai (T/G/LM)

Sandwich Combo
 2 Veg. Sandwich + 2 Chai (T/G/LM)

Pizza Combo
 2 Veg. Delight Pizza + 2 Chai (T/G/LM)

Sandwich Cold Coffee Combo
 1 Veg. Ch. Sandwich + 1 Cold Coffee

Pizza & Mocktail Combo
 1 Pizza (M/VD) + 1 Mocktail


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